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Converse - decentralized chat

Converse – Decentralized Chat

Converse is still in beta and is a project that was developed for the Tron Accelerator within a period of 1 month. Further functions and UI improvements will follow. This project is an example of how powerful, applicable and easy to learn the TRON network is and can be used as an idea or template for other projects


Converse is the first decentralized chat running on the TRON blockchain. Due to the speed of the TRON network, it is possible to run any transaction a user makes through the blockchain and encrypt it with the technology that the blockchain provides, instead of using a central intermediary to confirm messages.


Teaser: Beta Preview:


Check out our statistics here or directly our token where you can track all transactions

Genesis Block is 5,350,000

Screenshots Functionalities Create an account on the tron network Private and public keypair, which gets activated by us for free Setup and update a profile Write users by using their Tron Address All private information is encrypted Create and update groups Name, Image, Description Public or private and fully encrypted Join and interact with groups Planned (not ordered) Additional login/register methods Google, Twitter, Email Give people not knowing blockchain technology an easy entry and people who don't want to keep their private key for them an alternative Image and video messages Extended Messaging System 3 Steps Message Temporary message sent directly without delay Message received Message gets confirmed by blockchain TRX & TRC-10 Tipping Translations for multiple languages Better message handling Better no...
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