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Changing fee limit in Tronlink

Is there any way to set the fee limit to 0 in Tronlink. I hate it when a transaction fails and a bunch of trx is just burned for nothing. I would like to only use frozen energy and bandwidth without the risk to accendently burn trx. I tried building TronLink my self and also chaining some other is stuff but none of it worked. ***SOLVED (Kind of)*** I found a pretty good workaround for linux. If you use chromium go to `~/.config/chromium/Default/Extensions/ibnejdfjmmkpcnlpebklmnkoeoihofec` This is the path where the TronLink extension is installed. There you have to execute this command `find . -type f -exec sed -i.bak "s#a.feeLimit#/**feeLimit*/1#g" {} \;` Then restart your chromium and every transaction should now have a fee limit of 0.000001 TRX. Now you can also change it later by executing this command in the same folder: `find . -type f -exec sed -i.bak "s#/\*\*feeLimit\*/1#/**feeLimit*/1e7#g" {} \;` (setting fee limet to 10 TRX) This also means that dapps cant change the fee limet for you, so only use this if you have some minor knowlede how blockhains work. ***NEVER BURN TRX ACCIDENTALLY AGAIN!!!!!*** *Note 1:* I think you have to use chromium with this, because normal chrome will disable your extensions if you make changes to them. You also could build the extension yourself and resign it. *Note 2:* I expiremented a bit and found out that the fee limit is ment for everything, so also frozen energey. Its like converting this to real TRX. You can use this tool []( to calculate hom much frozen energy equals to a burned TRX. With this you can calculate how much Energy you want to spend at maximum. So you can set a boundry that your precious TRX will never be burned. For example You have 1200k energy trough freezing. This currently equals to 168 TRX burned. So set the fee limet with the method above to ... like 70 TRX (this means 1e7 instead of the 1). Now you can interact with contr...
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