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And another project launched on TRX (human POW token)

They just keep on giving good stuff with Tron and honestly im not sure how to keep up with every project. But all that said I found a very nice new token on Tron that utilizes the low fees on the Tron chain to build their project! This new token LMT is a Human Proof Of Work token that allows you to mine by hand. You basically draw lines, solve blocks by drawing lines and when you solve blocks your account gets credited with LMT tokens. Its pretty neat because everything you need for this is packed in one small app and even me, a complete newbie to mining crypto could do this and have fun. Best part, it shows that Proof of work doesnt need to be massive energy consuming supercomputers solving hashes but one guy (or gal) with a smartphone can also secure a chain! Mining difficulty is ramping up fast right now but I manage to get a few coins every hour. If you need a tip, just draw straight lines everywhere. Just like a computer, you want to try as many times as possible as soon as possible to solve hashes. [Link to the playstore]( No IOS yet but the dev is working on it. Let me know if you have questions, i already invested quite some time into learning this token.
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