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An introduction to CPR

I just wanted to take a minute to post about CryptoParadiseRewards. It all begins with a small group on telegram who are trying to help create a better community for the whole tron space, they’re currently working on a Dapp listing site (DappStats) which will give users a share of the money the site makes. Everyone should have a look, especially if you’re a Dapp user, the DappStats model has some great potential to reward not only the users but also the devs. It’ll do this by creating the user base for devs who launch new dapps whilst rewarding the community/player base based on these same devs paying fees for advertising along with other revenue streams. This isn’t a get rich quick, nor an roi/gambling Dapp. We’re looking to provide a service and in return reward the users of the service. More information can be found at or join the telegram discussion at Thanks for your time guys. Happy Friday! [Telegram group]( [CPReward website]( [Twitter cpreward]( [Twitter DappStats]( [Discord](
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