A week full of news for USTX: DEX major update, partnership with Kraftly, RealNFT project teaser and Xmas Holiday lottery event.

self.Tronix8m ago
This week has been a great week for USTX, full of news: 1. Partnership with [kraftly.io](https://kraftly.io), the best NFT markeplace in Tron ecosystem. Now it's possibile to mint NFTs paying the fees with USTX 2. Major DEX update. Now it's possible to buy and sell USTX using only TRX. The smart contract reserve is still managed only with stablecoins, but our devs made possibile to create a transparent bridge with SunSwap to do an intermediate swap between TRX and stablecoins, without the user intervention. This makes it much easier to buy and sell. 3. The RealNFT side project is about to start. Have you seen some "Grugni" around? 4. The Xmas holidays lottery event has started and will last till Jan 6. For every 5,000 USTX net purchased you'll get a ticket. 5 winners will be randomly drawn and will share a 10,000 USTX jackpot. More info on our TG t.me/ustx\_en . \#USTX the #UpOnly token.