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A Vote to Increase SR Rewards

A Proposal to Increase the Value of the Rewards for the TRON SR Candidates

The TRON MainNet has been running smoothly since it was launched on June 25. We have witnessed active and enthusiastic campaign activities in the community. The community has also contributed a great deal of constructive feedback to the development of the TRON Protocol. The most popular proposal was to increase value of the block generation rewards for the Super Representatives and the candidates, and therefore will further enhance the willingness of community members to participate in the election.

After fully considering the community’s proposal, the Community Development team has decided to adjust the rewards of the top 127 SR candidates from 16 TRX every 3 seconds to 32 TRX every 3 seconds. This reward will be distributed based on the specific number of votes per node. Overall, the candidates’ node revenue will increase by one-fold.

This proposal will be formally introduced soon, and will become effective after having been approved by more than two-thirds of the Super Representatives. We believe that this change will not only provide a better node network for TRON, but will also benefit the development of the TRON SR ecology.

In addition, the Community Development team will introduce a mechanism in Odyssey 3.0 to adjust the block generation rewards, which will take effect after more than two-thirds of the Super Representatives have approved.

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