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Trinity to unlock the Asian Market in China and beyond

If you have been following the latest news stories associated with Trinity, you will have noticed that its Co-Founder & CEO David Li had mentioned that the regulations are starting to ease slightly within China ( David and the Trinity team have worked tirelessly to ensure that they work within the regulations set up by the Chinese government and respect the boundaries placed upon them. David was very clear in his AMA with Boxmining back in January 2018 when articulating the type of language that was permitted in China and that any reference to ‘Initial Coin Offering’ was not allowed ( By abiding by the laws of the governing body in China, Trinity have been free to operate in their ambition to bring innovative solutions and disruption to the blockchain industry.

David’s mantra has always been ‘tech first, hype second’, so the fact the Trinity team have been functioning with little to no marketing exposure within China will not have been too much of a hindrance for David. With regulations starting to relax and Trinity proving they have operated within the rules there is no barriers preventing Trinity from launching a substantial marketing campaign to reach out to the cryptocurrency population of China. It can be argued that the timing could not have fallen better. If you have followed Trinity’s roadmap to date, the Trinity User App is scheduled for release at the end of June, with mainnet to coincide around the same time.

So you may be reading this thinking so what, what is the importance of China? Trinity can just focus on the West, right? Sure, Trinity can garner mass support from the European and US crypto-sphere with a carefully marketed product and campaign, but why would you want to stop there? China presents an even bigger carrot and its in their own backyard. China is a very nationalist, proud and technologicall...

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