5 Sub-25 Million Market Cap Coins That Have Promise (Investment Opinion)

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Many investors are looking into making big returns on their initial investment. The coins currently ranked in the top 20 may not get you the 10x return you’re hoping to see.

Fortunately, there are many smaller projects with small market caps that still have a lot of room for growth and ultimately a higher market capitalization.  Seeing cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin grow a tremendous 8000% in 2017 alone makes you ask what the next booming cryptocurrency is.  

This article discusses 5 cryptocurrencies that are currently below the $25 million market capitalization mark which have the potential to grow and sustain a larger market capitalization in the cryptocurrency market.

(Information accurate as of January 29, 2018)

Internet of People (IOP)

Market capitalization: $17.9 million

Internet of People is a cryptocurrency that has the ability to perform very well in the crypto market. With a total supply of roughly 3.4 million coins, this hidden gem currently is available on Bittrex and Upbit.  

IOP is a group of P2P (peer-to-peer) networks that allow direct communication from one device to another. IOP relies heavily on a decentralized platform that allows anyone to be able to develop and be a part of the project without having an intermediary (which pertains to a centralized model). With the power given to the people in a truly decentralized system, IOP provides a distributed network that offers a fair blockchain governance system.

The market capitalization remains low enough to shine in 2018. Along with that, the supply shows how far the price per coin can hike up. Its usability and true decentralized design is aligned with the original vision that Satoshi had for Bitcoin.

Where to Buy IOP

You can buy IOP on Bittrex and Upbit.


The growing community and development continuing to provide a truly decentralized system (similar to Satoshi’s vision of Bitcoin) shows how reliable this altcoin is.


Internet of People is a big project that will take a lot of development hours and marketing to achieve their goals and objectives. Zero (ZER)

Market capitalization: $7.3 million

Zero is a cryptocurrency that is a fork of Zcash which focuses on privacy and anonymity. Zero’s history differs from many other projects. Initially, the lead developer left the project but it was brought back to life by the strong community behind it.  

By enabling certain parameters such as a higher time complexity and faster block verifications, Zero looks to merge the best features of Bitcoin and Zcash. Their max block size of 4MB allows a higher number of transactions within a block which ultimately makes the network a lot faster.  With an increasing demand of anonymous cryptocurrencies in the market, Zero has a lot of potential and room to expand.

The market capitalization of Zero remains very low and could potentially grow to become substantial. The project did not have a founders’ reward nor did it start with a pre-mine. The block time is around 2 minutes which is slightly faster than Zcash but substantially faster than Bitcoin.

Where to Buy ZER

Currently, Zero is only available for purchase on Cryptopia.


Fast block verifications and big block sizes to ensure that transactions are quick and efficient on the blockchain. An anonymous cryptocurrency (which is seeing more demand) with a low supply and large potential to grow.


It would take a lot of work by the community and team to spread the word about Zero as there are several anonymous cryptocurrencies in the market. Is only listed on Cryptopia. Tokes (TKS)

Market capitalization: $7.4 million

Tokes is cryptocurrency project that I believe could have a big ROI (return on investment) in the future. Keep in mind that this token likely won’t see a 10-20x return within a month or two, but as a long-term hold, Tokes has a lot of potential to take off.  

To give a brief background on this token,Tokes is a Waves-based asset (it trades on the Waves decentralized exchange platform) that focuses on the booming marijuana industry. Tokes currently see a majority of its trading volume on Bittrex and the remainder on the Waves Decentralized Exchange. Tokes has secured big partnerships within the marijuana industry and looks to solve real world problems with the use of their token.

One of the features that makes Tokes interesting is that it aims to create a fiat gateway. Many marijuana dispensaries currently operate as cash-only businesses because of the non-acceptance of banks and the issues associated with working within the traditional financial system. Tokes looks to peg the USD to their TKS token on a 1:1 basis, meaning that US$1,000 worth of Tokes can be withdrawn as $1,000 in USD. This mean there is no risk of volatility.  

By operating in Las Vegas, Tokes chose a very good location to work on their project. The marijuana laws and regulations in Las Vegas are quite lenient compared to other locations in America.  

They commenced their pilot program better known as Herbology Tours with a partnership with Pisos, a marijuana dispensary operating in Las Vegas. The partnership provides an e-payment solution for the dispensary by using the TKS tokens. This is just the first step towards mainstream adoption as the team looks to expand to work as a point-of-sale system (a fiat gateway) in various other dispensaries.

The market capitalization of Tokes is roughly $7.4 million with a small circulating supply of roughly 1.5 million tokens in the market. As the marijuana industry continues to grow and see further acceptance, the Tokes project envisions providing a real-world use case to allow seamless, efficient and non-volatile electronic payments through the use of their tokens.

Where to Buy TKS

TKS is available on the following exchanges: Bittrex and Waves DEX.


Provides a real world use case in a growing industry that has a lot of potential. Secured partnerships with big players in the marijuana industry.


Is only listed on Bittrex and the Waves DEX (volume is lacking). Ambitious project that has a long way to go before receiving mainstream recognition. Pure (PURE)

Market capitalization: $5.1 million

Update February 21st, 2018: PURE has come under some controversy. Read more here: https://medium.com/@dmitry.vizer/pure-junk-alt-coin-scam-alert-a74976602556

Pure is a peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency that operates very similarly to Dash. It allows for instant transactions with the Instant Send feature and anonymous transactions using the Private Send feature.

By utilizing masternodes within the network, Pure operates as a PoW (Proof-of-Work)/PoS (Proof-of-Stake) hybrid. This means that after the confirmation and completion of the 30,000th block, the network will transition into a fully PoS system. 

What makes Pure interesting is that their masternodes are still fairly affordable, only requiring 2,500 PURE to operate a masternode. Masternodes are used to secure the network by validating transactions and providing different services such as Instant Send and Private Send, in the case of Pure.

The Pure project offers a very unique block reward for masternode holders – 65% block reward. This is substantially large and gives a bigger incentive for investors to purchase and hold 2,500 PURE in their wallet.

The market capitalization of Pure is still very low considering the circulating supply is only about 3.1 million coins. By acting as a decentralized store of value that allows for instant and anonymous transactions, Pure offers a solution as a payment system that many other cryptocurrencies can’t offer.

With a growing community that supports the project and its fundamentals, Pure has the potential to see a very bright future as the project continues to grow.

Where to Buy PURE

PURE is available for purchase on CoinExchange.


Affordable masternodes only requiring 2,500 PURE.  Each PURE coin costs roughly US$3.55 (correct at time of writing). Ability to send instant transactions as well as anonymous transactions throughout the network using the Instant Send and Private Send features. Growing community and very low supply/market capitalization that has room for growth.


Only operates on one exchange. Still a fairly new project that has a lot of marketing to do in order to gain a larger following. Sumokoin (SUMO)

Market capitalization: $14 million

Sumokoin is a fork of Monero, a cryptocurrency that is well-known in the market for its fungibility, privacy, security, and untraceability.

The Sumokoin project echoes the traits of Monero by providing a high level of security and privacy. This is done by integrating ring confidential transactions and using a minimum ring size of 12 to make it highly resistant to any malicious blockchain analysis attacks.

What makes Sumokoin interesting is that it is untraceable. The sending and receiving addresses are fully encrypted and the value transacted is kept hidden through obfuscation.

The market capitalization of Sumokoin still remains in a very good position to see extensive growth. With privacy issues becoming more apparent and visible, 2018 will be a big year for many privacy-based cryptocurrencies, including Sumokoin. The fact that Sumokoin forked from Monero and made modifications to the code to offer a higher level of security and untraceability shows how the Sumokoin team looks to progress.

Where to Buy SUMO

SUMO is available on the following exchanges: Cryptopia and Livecoin.


Total supply is very low (approximately 11.7 million SUMO) and there’s potential for growth in terms of the value of the coin. Being a fork of Monero shows its legitimacy as a project that wants to establish a high level of privacy, security, and anonymity for its users.  This is very important especially for individuals living in oppressive countries. Sumokoin was designed with a long-term vision and goal in mind, and is basing their active development on that of Monero.


Listed only on Cryptopia and Livecoin.  Needs to be added to more exchanges for further recognition of the project. Conclusion

The cryptocurrency space is growing tremendously and some altcoin investors have seen immense return on investments by holding through the growth and development of the industry.

I hope this article has given you insights into a few cryptocurrencies that have a fairly low market cap and have potential for growth. The 5 coins mentioned in this article are all coins that I will be holding until I see a minimum of 5x gains.

Please note that these coins are not particularly safe investments; the phrase “high risk, high reward” applies here. But if you have a high risk tolerance and have some spare money to invest, then you may be interested in looking into the above-mentioned coins. Remember: it is crucial to do your own research and only invest what you are willing to lose.

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