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@Mel & @TokenCard Team - Fundamental tKN Question From the Community

Greetings, I am a long term (Since Before ICO) supporter of TokenCard & learned of some information that may be beneficial to the the community. Recently, OmiseGo has released an AirDrop where any wallet Address that has at least .1 Eth will get a corresponding amount of Omisego Tokens. (For More information, see This got me thinking about two things, what happens when: 1. Any free token (from AirDrop) gets sent to any Eth address put aside for the Token Card Team 2. Any free token from an ethereum Contract that is in cash and burn pot gets sent in. Logically speaking, there are many ways the team can handle these airdrops (free tokens sent in). 1. Keep the tokens for themselves 2. Send the tokens to token card holders 3. Have the Tokens automatically put in the asset contract (Cash & Burn) to build value for token holders. This is just my opinion, but as a holder and member of the community, it would be nice to see these put in the asset contract to build on the value of TKN as it is a simple solution and in my opinion builds on the fundamental purpose of TKN, which is to store value for multiple assets. Anyone from the tokencard team, Can you please reply with what you think on this? I think this could be good publicity and add confidence to the community. Thanks, Me
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