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The current state and future of Tierion (some thoughts)

There has been a fair amount of FUD, both in the Tierion telegram channel, and on Reddit. I want to offer some thoughts because I think a lot of people misunderstand what is happening right now, or what phase the network is in. Full disclosure, I am a TNT holder (ICO participant), I run a single node (I have been lucky and won the reward once since getting my node up and running), but I do not work for or with Tierion in any capacity. It is also possible that I am slightly wrong about certain points. I'll be happy to accept corrections... let's have a dialogue. In my estimation, the most damaging FUD right now is the claim that Tierion is a "scam coin" based on how the current node operator rewards system works. People have the following gripes about the rewards system as it is currently functioning. 1. "The lottery system is a gamble, it's pure luck, I want a guaranteed return and I want to know exactly when I'll get it." I have posted elsewhere an explanation of why the current expected ROI is very good. With the variables as they stand right now, and considering the cost to run a node on a virtual private server like Digital Ocean is only $5/month, the expected return on investment is very attractive (again, right now). Your node(s) may not win a reward the first day, week or month, but by the law of averages, you will eventually be chosen to receive the reward (unless you really just have terrible luck, in which case you should create some good karma and do something nice for a stranger or something). I can understand why some people can't see past the "lottery" aspect of the system. Some people would prefer knowing exactly when they will receive their rewards. Even if a different system where staking tokens produces a steady, constant return ultimately produces the exact same ROI as the lottery system, psychologically (and practically, if you need the rewards to cover expenses, to be fair) a lot of people just prefer the former option to the latter. Those p...
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