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Some basic calculations

Hello, here I will do some calculations which will reveal some changes which I feel should be made. First, let's look at the total amount of tokens in circulation (source coinmarketcap): 422,513,667 TNT Lets take a conservative estimate and say that 30% of this goes into creating nodes: 0.3x422,513,667 = 126,754,100.1 Now, lets divide this by 2600 (as it roughly costs 2600 TNT to run 1 node) = 48751 Nodes At this moment in time, each reward is roughly 800 USD. There are 48 rewards per day. Let us take somebody with 5 nodes, an average sized setup: (200 is the length of an epoch in days) (5x4x*200)/48751 = 0.98 So per epoch, a 5 node setup will generate approx 1 reward which equates to roughly 800 USD. This is good ROI, however, if you have ever gambled you will know about "going dry". Basically, you are not GUARANTEED to win once per epoch, and no doubt a lot of people will have a dry streak, or a win streak, and generate no revenue or more revenue than expected. This isn't good for small players, and isn't a problem for big players. Here is the simple fix I suggest: Instead of a 6500 TNT reward every 30 mins, have a 650 TNT reward every 3 mins. Mathematically the same amount of TNT is rewarded per epoch. However, for smaller players, it means that the earnings are more guaranteed. In essence, the chance of winning will increase by 10x, but the amount you win decreases by 10x. This means that for small players, who before only expected to win once a year, can now safely assume they will at least get SOME return, a more guaranteed return. In terms of big players, this doesn't effect them in the slightest. Another issue is that hashes are free and can drain nodes in a DDOS-esque attack. This, combined with the lack of ability (currently) to check the amount of credits on a node, means that at this current time, no node owner, knows how many credits are on his/her nodes and therefore does not know if their nodes are eligible for reward. To stop this, ma...
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