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No response from team

I've reached out to CEO Wayne Vaughn multiple times on Telegram. Requesting to be allowed into the Telegram group. He consistently reads my messages and does not respond. This is completely unacceptable. Is this a teller for things to come. Inability to respond. Inability to communicate with investors. There is also quite an analysis from a top cryptographer about the fundamental flaws of the project to which he has responded that he is a troll. Although he is one of the most talented applied cryptographers in the world, hired by top firms, and cryptocurrencies in the space. How hard is it to type a response to an investor? If you can't do that, and you can't provide a factual rebuttal to an expert raising legitimate concerns, how can we expect you to lead this project? At the very least, you could have directed me to a community manager or a corporate email. Just straight up no response. The posts on here are overwhelmingly negative. Dude get your crap together.
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