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FUD and anger

I'm not running nodes, just holding cos I think this is a great project. Tierion has tanked and clearly we're all down some cash at the moment. But take a fucking breath lads. Tierion has suffered from it's release coinciding with the China bullshit that is hurting the market at the moment. It also had a botched release, with the flawed credits system. HOWEVER The point of the nodes is not to win a lottery, but to timestamp requests when the network takes on more clients. The lottery is an incentive to start a node. Tierion have now made the nodes free and scrapped the credit system that wasn't working. A lot of software is extremely flawed when first rolled out. The team looks like they are addressing these problems. I bought this as a mid term hold. Now it might be a longer one. But I fully expect to cash out at about 10x what I paid in mid 2018. Calm yourselves down. So we didn't get the insta gains we all wanted. In a few months you'll be thinking "shit, I could have bought this at 8c".
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