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Really Confused About Asymmetric Deposits

I've tried researching this pretty extensively but can't find clear answers to a few questions. I want to buy some RUNE to hodl, and figure since there's the 100 Day ILP I might as well provide liquidity to a pool so I can earn more RUNE. Let's say I provide liquidity to the RUNE/ETH pool (currently 16% APY) asymetrically (100% RUNE 0% ETH). 1) Does this mean I'll only earn rewards in RUNE when I withdraw from the pool, or will I be paid out in ETH? 2) I've read on a few occasions that the ILP only protects against symmetric deposits. Does that mean I wouldn't be subject to the protection? 3) A few youtubers tried explaining the downsides to asymmetric deposits vs. symmetric deposits, but I couldn't understand it. Could someone please ELI5?
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