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Question about swapping ERC20.RUNE for Native RUNE on thorswap

Hello all, I recently transferred my ERC20.RUNE from my Trust Wallet to thorswap because Trust Wallet took away the ability for me to swap ETH for ERC20.RUNE. I was easily able to send it to my new thorswap wallet using my ETH 0x. I now want to swap my ERC20.RUNE for native RUNE but it always fails to do so. I have enough native ETH in my thorswap wallet for the gas fee. When I try, the error it prompts is that I don’t have any ERC20.RUNE or BNB.RUNE at all. But clearly I have ERC20.RUNE in my wallet. I am a total amateur in crypto so hopefully I am missing something small. Thanks for any assistance you might be able to provide!
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