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Latest info from discord about reactivation of trading on BNB Chain

>**Update for the Community on the re-activation of BNB Chain from 9Realms:** > >Now that 0.67 has been adopted by the validator set the BNB Chain will be turned on soon. Here are the high-level next steps: > >1. Two Mimir values will be updated: PauseLPBNB -> 1 and HaltBNBChain -> 0. The first value is set to prevent LP adds and withdraws on the BNB Chain, and the second value is set to allow Bifrost to start scanning BNB blocks again. > >2. The BNB chain will be scanned to the current block, which could take a few hours. > >3. The treasury will arb the BNB pools back to near-market levels. This is to ensure that opportunistic arbitrageurs don’t drain value from the pools. Profits from these trades will be used to regain solvency to the LP pools. > >4. Trading and LP actions will be re-opened for BNB pools: PauseLPBNB and HaltBNBTrading Mimir values will both be set to 0, which will open the pools to the public. > >Please note that there is no exact ETA for these steps to be completed, but BNB pools are expected to be active within the next 48 hours.
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