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UPDATE: Tfuel rewards for 1 week of Guardian Node and Elite Edge Node

Ok so I thought I'd post an update after 1 week of running both nodes on my home pc. In the first 2 days I didn't notice any gains so I made a post complaining. Now after analyzing the theta explorer I see I didn't do so bad. I got 13 payments of roughly 5 tfuel increments im guessing for the EEN. I received 6 payments of 12 tfuel which im told is for the GN. Total tfuel in 6 days is 137. I have about 13k theta staked to GN and around 65k tfuel staked to the EEN. The earnings are right in line with the tfuel staking calculator chart I seen somewhere on reddit. My daughter helped me make a channel on edgecast thinking it might earn me more if I stream content, but I doubt if there is any rewards for that. Not any that I can tell. The pending earnings from my edge node jobs is 0.9 tfuel. So staking pays the most i guess. Im still learning. If someone has some tips pls post.
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