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To everyone [email protected] make sure to join the Theta Labs team!

There has been a post like this before, I just want to make sure we keep on top of it. We should all be contributing to the official Theta Labs [email protected] score, not just under the "anonymous" team. By default the [email protected] process within the Theta Edge Node software does not assign you to a team, you have to manually choose one. Follow these steps to join the Theta Labs team! In the taskbar on a Windows OS machine there is a small [email protected] icon which looks like a bunch of molecules. If you click this, and select "Web Control". Your Internet browser will open showing you your personal [email protected] scores and job progress. If you don't have the taskbar icon, go here on your machine: In the top left of this browser window there will be a text saying "Change Identity" click this. This opens a new window and you can input an optional username for yourself (if you want to track your own personal score on the Theta leaderboard) and most importantly there is a box "Team Number". The Theta Edge Compute team number is: **268045** It is NOT team: **191876**. This seems to be an unrelated team with a similar name. Please use the official Theta Labs one. Doing this, any points you earn whilst [email protected] will to be added to the Theta Edge Compute team's total. This is very important as it shows the strength of the Theta network to the world, and to current/future investors! This month we are up one place from #7 to #6!! Keep up the good work everyone! 😁
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