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Since []( is a platform that uses Theta Network natively, wheter for test or proof of concept, at least at that moment, I decided to try watch some streams (Nasa, mostly) to see how things are going. I'm doing this from Brazil. It turns out that the experience was not the best, with tests done on several different days. There are several times when streaming stops to load and makes the experience very unpleasant. I understand that there must be few people watching the same streaming next to me. But shouldn't the Edge Nodes network act in these situations? There are several Edge Nodes connected in nearby regions and it is still difficult to watch streaming without these interruptions. I even keep an Edge Node in another nearby network, in the same city. Obviously, one factor that could influence it would be my own connection, but that is not the case. The connection is good and quite stable. The same broadcast (from NASA, in this case) can be seen perfectly from the same machine and connection on YouTube. I apologize if I am misunderstanding the logic of the network. Anyway, I believe it is an interesting subject to discuss technically. If anyone has any answers or suggestions, they are most welcome.
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