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Theta recently gets hit the hardest

It amazes me that Theta always seems to be hit the hardest on red days. I have no problem continuing to stake, accumulate both theta / Tfuel, and hold long term, but I don’t understand why the general interest in it right now and/or knowledge of what theta will offer in the not to distant future is so low? I also feel that in other crypto subreddits people love to hate on it and idk why. I hope they keep that same energy when we’re top 5 in 1-3 years😌. I’ll gladly sell them some $3.50 Tfuel when the times right, BUT you’re not touching my Theta! Any thoughts as to why this is (if you agree)? I think people are too lazy to go through the process of transferring BTC/ETH/ADA off an exchange, go through simpleswap, etc, and create a new wallet on Theta’s website when so many other cryptos are doing well right now. Definitely won’t be the case when we’re back to having +10-25% days for weeks at a time like in the spring lol.
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