Theta Network Launches in Japan with LINE Blockchain app

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Theta Network Launches in Japan with LINE Blockchain app

Theta Network is expanding to Japan through our partnership with LINE. After announcing our partnership with LINE Tech Plus (LTP) about 6 months ago, we are officially launching for LINE Blockchain’s dApp. LINE is the most popular Japanese messenger app with more than 167 million monthly active users in key markets of Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand. LVC Corporation, a subsidiary of LINE Corporation and operator of LINE’s crypto asset and blockchain-related businesses, launched its crypto asset exchange BITMAX last year, opening up trading services to its messaging app users. LINK vouchers or tokens received from various dApps like can now be managed with their BITMAX Wallets linked to users’ LINE accounts, and open up new opportunities to fully leverage LINE’s user base.

Japanese mobile Android users can now download the App from Google Play Store and sign up to start watching popular live streams and earn rewards by sharing their excess bandwidth, powered by Theta network. With this partnership implementing LINE Blockchain, Japanese users can earn “HEARTS’’ which are TFUEL rewards behind-the-scenes and streamers can convert them to LINK seamlessly. App is currently available globally, but Japanese streamers were unable to withdraw TFUEL due to Japanese regulations. However, with the LINE partnership they are now able to get LINK Rewards, a voucher that can then be exchanged for LINK. This is a major step forward for Theta Network and protocol, bringing premium content from global partners like MGM, Lionsgate, CONtv Anime, NASA and World Poker Tour to millions of Japanese users. LINE will also co-market and promote app roll out starting with LINE in-app banners in April, LINE Blockchain’s social channels for both Japanese users and global users.

“We’ve been working closely with the LINE team for the last six months and thrilled to finally launch our integrated Theta-LINK app,” said Mitch Liu, CEO and co-founder of Theta Labs. ”This marks a huge milestone for Theta network and protocol bringing on-board millions of users in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and many other southeast Asian countries. This is the beginning of global adoption of blockchain technologies and sets the stage for Theta’s hyper growth in 2021.”

HeeWoo Lee, a Representative Director of LINE TECH PLUS PTE. LTD said “If it was a period of laying the foundation of LINE token economy by far, the new year of 2021 will be the first year of the popularization of LINE Blockchain.” LINE Blockchain Team looks forward to the world where everyone can easily use and transfer cryptocurrencies by narrowing the gap between the world of cryptocurrency and the real world, and there is no doubt that Theta Labs will make a big contribution to achieving both of the team’s growth in the new year with for LINE Blockchain.


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LINKとは、LINEのグループ会社であるLINE TECH PLUS PTE.LTD.が発行するLINE独自の暗号資産です。 LINE Blockchainの基本となる暗号資産であり、サービス成長に貢献行為を行ったユーザーに配賦されます。さまざまなサービスに利用でき、広く普及することを目指しています。


LINKリワードは、LINK Rewards Programに参加しているサービス会社が、各サービスへ貢献行為を行った利用者に対して付与するトークンになります。LINKリワードが付与されると、BITMAX WalletでLINKの受取申請が可能となります。BITMAX Wallet上では受取可能LINKとして表示されます。


受取可能LINKは、LINKリワードのBITMAX Wallet上での表示であり、お客さまがLINKへの転換を要請することで受け取ることができるLINKの数量です。LINKを受け取るためには、BITMAXサービスのアカウント開設が必要です。LINKへの転換には期限があります。期限後はLINKに転換できませんので、ご注意ください。


LINKリワードの受取には、BITMAX Walletの登録が必要になります。全ての受取対象者に対して、BITMAX Walletの登録有無関わらず「BITMAX Wallet お知らせ」からLINKリワードの受取通知があります。LINKリワードを受け取るためには 、日本の携帯電話番号を有する端末が必要です。これ以外の端末での受け取りはできません。なお、日本で販売されている機種端末でもLINKリワードの受け取りができない機種端末があります。





BITMAX Walletで受取の確認後、LINKリワードをLINKに転換することが可能になります。BITMAX Walletで受取申請した後、受取可能LINKの数量をBITMAX Walletアカウントから差し引き、申請した受取数量のLINKを利用者のBITMAXアカウントに対して入庫します。


【BITMAX 本人確認詳細】