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Suterusu Protocol and what it means for Theta-SAP Integration

SAP, more specifically Andrew Lunde, has been extensively working with the Theta Protocol for some time now with off-chain micropayments. You can learn more about his findings \[here\]([]( starting with his first of four (so far) blog posts. Many Fortune 50 companies (probably more... but I'm just going with this number to be fair) that use SAP as there "engine" to there ecosystem, have and use it to organize/ record/ track for example: parts, labor, work orders, recipes for batch creation of products, bar code scanner creation, and expenditures (to name a few) on just about anything you could think of to run a business. This massive utility program is used in just about any industrial setting you go to. Okay, yep... I think, by now, we all know/ have known what SAP is all about for some time now, or at least have a good idea. So who cares? Well... With any business that utilizes network programming to organize distribution on this scale, \*privacy\* plays a big factor in keeping things confidential as information is shared across the globe to each site location. But this can become a problem when talking about blockchain technology, as the blockchain data is open source, and trying to keep things that need to be kept private can be a difficult task. Most companies don't want to share what goes in and out of there purse. Lets be honest, Lord knows I would get judged IMMENSLY by the amount of times I go to McDonalds in a week! (jk... it might be a monthly basis but I digress.) That is where Suterusu comes into play. Suterusu's development is a 2-layer protocol which aids in privacy protection for networks. Without getting into too much detail, you can read more about Suterusu \[here\]([]( ​ [Thanks to the TRS detectives for this dig.](
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