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Still no tfuel reward with the guardian node

Hi guys! I've been holding some theta (around 5k) for around 2 years, and started to look into the guardian node few days ago. ​ Since then I started staking them since around 30h but I haven't received any Tfuel yet, I know it's supposed to be distributed randomly but is it worth it letting it run in the background with this amount or is it only worth it if you have the maximum amount allowed for a wallet? ​ From what I've read, the more theta the likely it is to be chosen for rewards, but haven't found something about average amounts yet. ​ Sorry I'm still noob to this, if someone can enlighten me it would be cool! :D ​ Thanks guys!
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Anyone see this?

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Anyone see this?

"TFUEL, the main utility token of the Theta Network, will be used to create, buy, sell and transact digital NFT assets across the ThetaDrop platform."Anyone see this? DUDE! 🌀🌀🌀$TFUEL $THETA #ALTSEA...