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Something not right with Theta wallet

I am talking about []( When you connect your Ledger with it you have 3 derivation paths to select: ​ 1. Ethereum - m/44'/60'/0'/0 2. Ethereum - m/44'/60'/0' 3. Ethereum - Ledger Live - m/44'/60' Numbers 1 and 3 give me the same address, that is actually not correct since it should be a different one because it is a different derivation path. Any insight on this? Second observation is that when you login to the wallet using the option "MNEMONIC" ( []( ) and you use your Ledger mnemonic seed it gives you again a totally different address compared to the ones you get when you login with your Ledger. I am asking because i lost a lot of THETA after i updated my Ledger and can't seem to find them, i am pretty sure the problem is with derivation paths. Any comments that might help?
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