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Rewards - until when?

While looking at the my guardian node payments and transactions I realised that the addresses from which the rewards are being transfered are most probably from Theta team and ofcourse they have a limited amount of tokens to reward. For example the address I was sent the rewards from now only has only around 400 tfuel. What happens when they finish their tokens? I know the whitepapers state that they can generate x amount of tfuel per year but if they finish it before the year passes? I think this is possible if there will be more Edge and Guardian nodes than they anticipated. ​ Was also thinking that they said Theta network would not be staking Tfuel or Theta - it's kinda obvious right? they can generate it any time they want. ​ Another thing - The reward process is triggered manually? will they implement some kind of smart contract to make the payments so this kind of things (like last month payment delay ) doesn't happen anymore? sry guys, maybe some stupid thing but I was just thinking out loud and wanted to hear some thoughts
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