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Question about TFuel staking on a public EEN on GPOOL

Theoretically speaking lets say I have enough TFuel to have my own Elite Edge Node and until recently was staking that TFuel to my EEN up until last week when my EEN computer strangely broke. Currently I don't have enough to buy a new computer so I was thinking of putting my TFuel in a public EEN on Gpool. ​ From what I am gathering the EEN on Gpool need 500k Tfuel to become filled up and I assume at that time they will be officially "staked". That being said, what happens if someone in the public EEN on Gpool decided to withdraw lets say 10K TFuel; would the entire 490K TFuel that remains on the EEN go offline (Unstaked) and wait until another 10K from someone else to fill the public EEN before it began staking again? ​ Does this make sense? I am wondering what happens if someone in the EEN Pool withdraws their TFuel, is everyone else in that EEN not earning until the full 500k is met?
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