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Italian Serie A wrote an official letter to DAZN after the first games of the season. THETA needed!

Hi everybody, you might have heard that the Serie A (italian main soccer championship) rights have been acquired by dazn and that almost all the games will be streamed through internet. The same is happening in the entire europe, the trend is shifting from satellite TV to internet. Well after the first round of the season there have been many complaints by watchers because the streams wasn't of good quality and suddenly buffered more than once per game. The league has written a warning letter to dazn,inviting them to solve the problems. Dazn admitted that they had problems with CDNs... remember that this is the trend for the entire europe and I guess also USA. This was only the first round of games streamed with large amount of users, the future will see an increase in demand of bandwidth. Guess who has the solution?? THETA!! 😉 I leave for your convenience an Italian article where dazn has explained the problem with CDNs, you may want to translate it in English. 🌕🌕🌕
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