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TFUEL · 4d

I'm interested in licensing YOUR pineapple designs! See inside for details!

The title says it all. I run a delegated community node here in /r/Theta_Network for the public and I also got in on these pineapples and the SPS myself. I'm experimenting with the idea of licensing other people's pineapples (plus my own, of course). This provides no cost and virtually no effort on your part, but I want to try to merchandise using your unique pineapples! Every time I make a sale using your pineapple, you receive a set fee. I do all the work, I take on all the expense, and you basically risk nothing. Chat is preferred, but please only message me if you have a TRUE CUSTOM pineapple OR at least 5 pineapples on offer OR at least 1 badass pineapple that really stands out. Thank you!
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