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How to stream on on the live streams rather than the edge streams? Why is it only a few selected people that can get into normal live strams as opposed to edge streams?

I can hear you say: But i can stream from my node into just fine” Sure but the problem is that is not a native love stream it’s a a edge stream. Know the difference there is two types of streams and the ones that use the node can only be viewed by people who have a node installed which is bullshit. there is only 60.000 people in the world with an edge node. Why does only allow some people to stream without a node? Why can you only upload one video per 7 days? Why can’t it just be like Youtube or Twitch where you can upload as many videos as you want every day, and where everyone can stream amd their streams can be viewed without having to install a node? I am not talking about stream edge nodes i am talking about regular love streams? Am i the only one who has seen this problem? I uploaded a picture here to ilústrate what i am talking about standard stream vs edge cast stream: I want the standard.
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