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How I explain Theta to people now

When someone asks me how to explain theta, I give them a short and condensed version, and below is how I see this project now. ​ Theta Network is the BlockChain Super Computer that can help you with, bandwidth sharing, file storage, compute workload management, NFT creation plus management, and decentralized storage. All powered by a fully decentralised Elite Edge Nodes run by the community and paid for with TFuel. Theta is compliant with all laws and regulations, they also hold some great patents that deal with digital rights management, decentralized storage, and streaming. Theta has great tier 1 technology partners, like Google and Samsung, Sony. Theta has great contacts with celebrities and movie studios, and this will help them deliver a full package multi-media blockchain-based ecosystem. Theta is an all-in-one media industry powerhouse, that is only a few years old and is very young and eager to make a splash, they can help with the marketing, distribution and financial management, and digital rights management, of your digital IP and content. Theta can help everyone unlock billions of dollars of value from engagement with fans through blockchain-based value drivers like NFT, Pay to Earn, Tokens, Swaps, Defi, and much more. All inside a green, fast, cheap decentralized blockchain that focuses on media companies and their valuable IP. ​ BULLISH AF
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