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Future NFT Drops [ThetaMoonshot]

Hello beautiful community, Once again a second post of mine yesterday has shaken up the community. Some are excited, some euphoric, some doubtful and some continue to laugh at my 'nonsense'. I said I would be back after the Pineapple NFTs release but I just couldn't help myself today. I won't be spamming this Reddit forum daily, or spewing out mindless rubbish. It's not fair, and quite frankly annoying! A few hours after this post: [\_network/comments/q17wqq/thetamoonshot\_is\_back\_again/]( Mitch Liu posts this: []( Two times out of two, (these posts that I have ever written under this account), hours after both of my posts on Reddit were published, Theta has delivered some revolutionary news. I did say in my post linked above that within a few hours, some major news will come out. Well, it turns out that this is going to be more of a build-up, until early next week. Shame, but this tweet (initially stated from Wes) points to everything that I mentioned regarding NFTs and film/video integration. So stay tuned for that! Do I atleast get a little bit of credit? I mean, I seem to know Mitch, right? The timings of my posts are 'to the T'. Heres to being correct 3 out of 3 times! I know I have a lot to live up to, with my $40 price prediction, but here are some future ThetaDrop NFT releases to happen later this month: \- Look out for "**BATTLE PUGS**" coming to ThetaDrop. \- Pineapples from the SecretPineappleSociety. (I see the influx of new tweets over the last 24hrs regarding this drop so thank you for that - it all helps in the global expansion of Theta.) \- And Frogs! Also, get a Golden WPT Theta Chip whilst they are "cheap". These chips will be in the $10,000s when Theta officially announces that there will be a 200 person meetup...
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