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Hey guys, just a few questions about [email protected], maybe I missed something. I am running an Edge Node on a passively cooled Mini-ITX for reducing noise at my place at night. Recently I feel like [email protected] jobs kind of got more work-intensive. My CPU Temperatures before were around 55-70°, now I am mostly running between 75 and 85 on Medium [email protected] settings. It's still in a range I feel more or less comfortable with but it probably won't be in the summer. ​ 1. I know [email protected] is mainly running for the greater good, but does it affect my Edge node earning in any way? Does the network prefer Edge Nodes running [email protected] for jobs? 2. Is there a way we as the Theta community can see what the Edge Node network achieved running [email protected] on thousands of machines over many months now? Thanks!
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