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Edge Node conflicting with FAH?

Hi! This is my first 5min running a node (I'm new to Theta overall!) and I was a previous user for Folding at Home. It seems that it some how conflicts (at least apparently) with my [email protected] Although I am not actively folding anything on my own profile right now, just through the Node, I get a second icon in the task bar for FAH, even though both say that they are stopped and are still set for my own profile when I enter advance control. One of them has clearly a older look to the GUI and different from what I was using, so I'm assuming that got started by running the Node? But they both stay "stopped by user", and both point to my Doge Folding Team profile. Should I just uninstall my previous FAH client and simply run the Node to avoid any problems? Anyone else had the same experience?
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