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Curious & potential new Thetan in need of some clear answers

Heard about Theta the other day and started to look into what it is and how it works, but the problem is the only info I can really find seems to be either an overly wordy technical document, or a minimally helpful FAQ page. I'm intrigued by the whole system, and I like the idea of a decentralized streaming service, but trying to find info that is simple to understand is like pulling honest teeth out of a spin doctor. 1. Is it possible to earn TFuel purely through a thetaTV stream running and nothing else? I had a stream active for quite a while and saw no change on TFuel earned/Wallet/session earnings/pending. How can I tell if it's even working? 2. Is the Theta Edge Node client required for collecting TFuel? after some time of having a stream open and the Edge Node I noticed the numbers change, but they're different between Edge Node and the stream. What is going on there? Also Edge Node also seems to sometimes change number and sometimes nothing. 3. On a stream the graph shows my 'To Peers' stat as 0 Bytes. If Tfuel is earned by sending out data does this mean I can't earn anything if it stays dead at 0? 3.5. If I'm only getting data 'From Network' does that mean I'm purely helping other users gain Tfuel? I'm not opposed to helping others, but I'd like to understand this better. 4. Are there any ports that need to be opened for this to function properly? The fact that pretty much all the Tfuel numbers rarely seem to change suggest there's something not working properly. 5. What does it actually mean to stake theta/tfuel? Is this some kind of gambling thing where you risk losing your cryptocoin on a chance of something happening? 6. on about half way down it has a diagram under "The Solution" title. This little diagram seems to suggest you have to pay TFuel to recieve video packets. How are you meant to collect Tfuel if you gotta spend it all first to be able to stream it back out?
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