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Come join the Theta Token Discussion

[]( Please come join the discussion at Highs Gaming Hub on Theta.TV The stream schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Fridays from 6-9pm PST (9-12 EST) ​ The stream format is as follows: 1. Theta Token news and discussion 2. General Crypto news 3. Gaming to end the stream ​ Theta comes first and we will spend as much time as needed to facilitate that discussion. ( For example we read through the mainnet 3.0 whitepaper in it’s entirety when it was released.) Most days the theta news section will last about an hour.. ​ To be forthcoming I should state that I am a mod at HighsGamingHub. Having said that and knowing that I am biased.., I really do believe that the best Theta token discussions on the web happen at Highs Gaming Hub on ThetaTV ​ So Please come and be part of the discussion. You are all invited ! ​ P.S. Thursday Nights we play marbles to end the stream, lots of prizes are given out and people generally have a great time. Don’t miss out!
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