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Am I Crazy??

After watching the AMA I couldn’t be more impressed with the dedication of these three gentlemen and the rest of their devs and staff. You can tell from Mitch and Jeiyi’s excitement that we are truly on the precipice of something monumental. I live a short drive from Theta Labs HQ in Northern California, and considering all Theta has done for myself and many of you, I feel compelled to show these people some major gratitude. Would it be untoward of me to drop by before or after hours and slip some gift cards and a “thank you” card in the mail slot? I was thinking In n’ Out and Peet’s and maybe some other local eateries (I’m partial to Taqueria Eduardo and Tacos Al Pastor)? Maybe THETA and TFUEL will begin surging in price come July, or maybe this is just the beginning of a crypto nuclear winter. whatever outcome we see, my objective stays the same: Buy when I can, Stake and Earn, and HODL. 🍾🥂 Here’s to the Theta Labs Team! 🥂🍾
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