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Windows vs Mac Theta Elite Edge Node upgrade issues

Hi all.. sorry I had to start a new thread here so I can upload the image below. *I haven't worked out to to load a image in a reply as* The original thread I created on this is shown here and thanks to some great info from LonelyZeta... I have made some progress in understanding what is going on. [\_network/comments/o98m2a/edge\_node\_upgrade\_issues\_no\_wallet\_address\_showing/]( Basically... it looks like there is an issue with the Mac version of the updated Elite Edge Node. It is not showing a wallet address in the top left corner. Also, when you click on 'Stake Tfuel', the program seems to be broken here also as the Edge Node Holder summary address does not show either. Before anyone says 'mate.. you can't stake TFUEL as yet until June 30 and this will be fixed' ... please look at the image below. Both these issues do NOT appear on the windows version. They only appear on the Mac version of the updated Elite Edge node. Basically, the Mac version doesn't seem to be 'ready' for Mainnet 3.0 like the Windows version. Theta Labs.. if you are watching... can you please advise why the Mac version (running on an intel chip) is not working as the Windows one appears to be. Thank you.
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