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Understanding how the pan sell off in cryptos occurs including Theta. No it's not ELON.

In 2017 futures trading for bitcoin was brought online. Many thought how wonderful this was for the crypto market. MASS ADOPTION! WRONG! Now if you short the piss out of the futures market with derivatives trading (meaning you dont actually own the asset) you can easily tank BTC which of course tanks the whole market. WHY YOU ASK??? Do all 1 billion crypto owners on earth get on the phone at the same time and all decide to sell their tokens in every crypto. Of course not. All the other cryptos are paired with BTC on these exchanges btc/eth, btc/xrp and so forth. They all tank when BTC tanks not because it's the granddaddy of them all but because they are all paired with it on the exchanges for derivative trading. There is no true price discovery in any market of earth. I hope you all have a wonderful memorial day weekend and dont sweat the price, it will be heading the other way soon enough. Just dont invest money you may need in weeks or months and get caught offsides and have to sell in loss.
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Another patent on way 🔥

Theta Labs 4th patentOnly a matter of time now… • credits for madmooser 🎖🎯— Tfuel1000x (@tfuel1000x) June 13, 2021
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Theta Mainnet 3.0 Will Make TFUEL Deflationary

The mainnet 3.0 of Theta is scheduled to be released on June 30. The Elite Edge Nodes are going to burn at least 25% of each TFUEL payment to the network post mainnet 3.0. @Theta_Network #thetafuel #t...