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TLDR: Quick Notes from today’s AMA

AMA SUMMARIZED CAA will be creating celebrity NFTs out of their agency 👍🏻 June Payments for tfuel released in July. Strong focus on new developers in Europe (particularly Germany - SAP is a German company no?) Most excited about: ancillary programming to adapt Theta blockchain apps to Ethereum compatibility. Updating road map. Development plan to Spring 2022. Theta Ecosystem 1.0 -> Evolution from Main net to successful stakeholder ecosystem, new White Paper revealed with new economic ecosystem being put in place “very excited to bring various pieces together for synergy between stake holders”. Coinbase: regulatory and legal reasons can’t discuss exchange listings. Top of mind for developers as well. 2030 Sector Problems solved: “live experience” - not just live streaming but live events - NFT participation in live event space. Decentralized virtual ticket systems. NFT = right to watch movie on first day. Could be traded. Fan engagement. Movie studio launches new movie and NFT allows access to watch movie first. Could put on secondary market. Nft is engagement and marketing vehicle. Tfuel Staking - lot sizes could be adopted in the future to accommodate for inclusivity and growth. Theta drop - working on withdrawals from Theta Marketplace. Next Quarter possibly? Theta and Tfuel should continue to move in lock Step. Theta is the governance token at the end of the day. NFTs driving new fan engagement with marketing companies of the infrastructure partners. Spring 2022 Theta Ecosystem and crypto economic model to ensure stake holders work together. Missed part about partnerships with Lionsgate and MGM. Mitch issues smiley face cause he’s excited. Theta is “1998 Internet” - 0.5 out of 10 in terms of where it’s at in its development and maturity stage with possible use cases and expansion. Movies, gaming, digital rights, live experience. “We’re extremely early”. Big announcements and partners in next 4 weeks “game changers”. Lots of legal stuf...
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