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TFUEL · 1w youtube video streaming right now... is a SCAM! Don't fall for it

SCAM ALERT!!! There is a "live stream" playing on youtube right now on a channel called "Theta Network" with 580k alleged subscribers. They don't have any video except this one single live stream showing an old interview with Mitch Liu and Wes Levitt. There are about 1500 people watching right now. They ask you to send your Theta tokens to an address on a site called with the promise that they will send you double your Theta tokens back. This same live stream video happened about a month ago and many people lost their Theta tokens. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM! DO NOT SEND YOUR THETA TOKENS TO THIS SITE. YOU WILL LOSE THEM ALL!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Also, please go to this video and flag it as fraudulent/a scam. Report it to Youtube so they take this down.
Go to self.theta_network
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Another patent on way 🔥

Theta Labs 4th patentOnly a matter of time now… • credits for madmooser 🎖🎯— Tfuel1000x (@tfuel1000x) June 13, 2021
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Theta Mainnet 3.0 Will Make TFUEL Deflationary

The mainnet 3.0 of Theta is scheduled to be released on June 30. The Elite Edge Nodes are going to burn at least 25% of each TFUEL payment to the network post mainnet 3.0. @Theta_Network #thetafuel #t...