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Tfuel Staking Questions. Please bear with me if I sound confused, am a total newbie but interested in contributing to the Network!

1. Today if I decide to stake my Tfuel, will it be on Pre-Elite Edge Node or is Elite Edge Node already available? I heard Pre-Elite Edge Node payouts are very little. What has been your experience or please help me understand it if you can sense confusion in my question? 2. How much Tfuel can I expect to earn if I stake 30,000 Tfuel per day now, and after Mainnet 3.0? I appreciate just an estimation will do and not actual numbers. 3. Is a basic computer enough to stake Tfuel such as a 2013 Macbook at full power? And does a 2020 Macbook earn more more Tfuel in comparison for Cache Compute that would justify the purchase of a higher spec machine? 4. I assume Staking on EN or EEN is dependent on the amount of Tfuel I initially put to stake and not dependent on the machine spec, right? 5. Is it advisable or can the Tfuel staking happen concurrently while I use the macbook for other purposes such as regular e-mails/Youtube/Netflix? Will this cause the Tfuel payout to be lesser? 6. If there's a thunderstorm and I lose connection and I'm away from the machine, once the connection is re-established, will the staking automatically recover or do I have to physically click on something to re-stake? 7. How long does it take to unstake Tfuel in case I buy in more and want to restake higher amounts? Or what alternatives do I have?
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