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TFUEL and THETA staking recent history

Some very interesting movements over the past few days in regards to the amount of Theta and Tfuel staked.. as we head into Mainnet 3.0, which is only just over 5 days away. Theta staking continues to increase, hitting ATHs every day. However, TFUEL staking is at a week low with the biggest removal of staked coins (18m of them) in the last 24 hours. We are at 14.1% Tfuel staked now (751m / 5,322m) compared to a peak of 14.53% two days ago. At the same time, we are also seeing an increase in the Theta/Tfuel price ratio... now 15.4 from an ATL of 14.2 a few days ago. Are Tfuel holders unstaking their coins in preparation to sell? Or, as the combined data may suggest, are Tfuel holders swapping their coins to Theta and staking these instead? If so.. what have I missed? I don't think Theta is going to move faster than Tfuel as Mainnet 3.0 approaches... infact, I believe the opposite. i believe Tfuel will increase in price at a faster rate and get to below a 10.0 price ratio. I'm interested in this community's thoughts.
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