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Proof we are still in a BULL market

Greater Fool Theory is in full effect. Evidence: People are lining up to buy dozens, even hundreds of NFTs from youtubers like Bitboy and Crazy4Cryptos with no real value, no real rarity or use case hoping to dump on a greater fool for a profit. Pure speculation at work. When known youtube SHILLS can sell unlimited digital copies of mediocre artwork and moonboys lap it up to the tune of hundreds or thousands of dollars, you know we are in a bull market still. NFTs are the new ICO shitcoin 2.0. It will take lots of people getting burned before they learn their lesson. Edit: honestly I couldnt care less that people choose to buy stupid investments. It does annoy me that youtube shills are being made richer by fanboyism but ultimately it doesn't affect me at all. I merely point out the NFT craze as proof that we are still in a bull market which DOES affect my investments and that is the entire point of this post.
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