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NFT Burnout

I'm not sure if it's just me or if it's because the BitBoy NFT Drop has no appeal to me but I'm getting kind of getting tired of all these NFT's. The Hinse ones were very cool and I'll hold them for a while and I've also picked up every other NFT I could so far, but I'll be skipping the BitBoy Drop. At this point I'd rather see some exciting news about the growth of the network or some NFT's that are tied to something more exciting than keep having mediocre NFT drops (which just feel like cash grabs at this point). ​ I'm still all-in on Theta Network b/c I think the tech has some real staying power and it's a great use case for blockchain technology, but I'd be OK if there wasn't another NFT Drop until the Katy Perry one. Anyone else feel the same or is there some play I'm not seeing here?
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