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New to streaming on THeta

Any better videos out there? the ones on youtube are meh. What URL do i use to kick out to ppl? If i hit stream on OBS, Do i have to click start stream on theta desktop also? Do your viewers have to have an edge node to watch you? Lots of holes it seems, and I want to support a platform that supports crypto overall. Thank you in advance.
Go to self.theta_network
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Thanks for looking into my page and following me :) CRYPTOWENDYO is the secong leakage. Her page is "almost" ready. She has right now 145000 followers on Twitter. If i get enough attention i will try to find more informations for you :) have a great day.

@CryptoWendyO greetings to you :) i am excited to see your nft page is getting ready. @ThetaDrop @Theta_Network $THETA $TFUEL- follow me for more— Lala E (@lala4zwei0) Jun...