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My thoughts on Theta : 👇

This technology can be used to save all steaming companies (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, etc. save on CDN cost (content delivery network) as well make server rooms a thing of the past which cost a lot of money to maintain plus the carbon footprint it leaves as well. Eventually, it will be an infrastructure play. Video ad networks will realize that they can reduce costs while still charging the same fees, thereby increasing margin. Netflix/Hulu/YouTube/etc. will realize that they can also reduce costs, at least for the highest traffic videos (and therefore the ones incurring the highest bandwidth cost). Everyone is rushing to Bitcoin right now because there’s a legitimate theory that eventually it’ll just be the “big dogs” that own them. Similarly, in a few years, I think theta token will be completely staked by massive companies who will pay insane amounts for more tokens in order to have a one time investment offset significant ongoing infrastructure costs.
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