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In the future, will it be possible to watch things on the internet when your ISP is down?

I watched Gpool's most recent video and they had mentioned the idea of having more than one service provider to help which is not something I would do (or recommend... that would get expensive). But it did make me think about something. Let's say that I am a cord cutter (which I am) and I have an app that let's me watch ESPN and let's say that this app runs on the Theta Network because Theta got its patent granted and now can protect copyrighted content. It is time for Monday Night Football, I am using Comcast as my internet service provider and it goes down. My neighbor is also a cord cutter and he too has the same EPSN ap but he uses Century Link as his ISP and it is still working and he is watching Monday Night Football. Would I still be able to watch Monday Night Football through the Theta Network even though my internet is down? I am thinking I might be able to. Does anyone know for sure?
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