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I understand why to invest in Theta and similar coins, but curious, why to invest in rest crypto /stocks when is all about options trading anyway?

So we had Bretton - Woods model and ways how to suck up back currency through petro-dollar to home countries! Also we have options trading where with few bucks people playing with noobs who invest in stocks and cryptos thousands and more. So, why to invest in crypto or stocks which is not like Theta?! I do not get it? Especial now when you have shitcoin BTC who joined with Tether to rig all crypto market? In return they pump BTC which is basically, epic shitcoin! How it can be currency of the internet if its a Store of Value or digital gold, and infect it s nothing of it, lol? Also BTC blockchain is useless for any real world economic activity. On other hand for example BCH or ZEC etc., are completely opposite of BTC.. So we had today options expired and we will have tomorrow also, people play with noobs in crypto and stocks throught options investing of 5$ or so to control millions of noobs, so dont get it, why noobs keep investing in shitcoins or stocks which are no like Theta, if everything is about option trading anyway?! Why noobs do not go directly to options trading or buy only good coins/tokens/stocks?
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