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I made a very stupid mistake, I need help recovering coin sent to wrong address!

I am hoping that some of you can advise me on how to fix a big problem of mine. I accidentally sent 32,779.75 Cumrocket crypto from my Binance Trust Wallet to my friend’s Theta wallet address a few weeks ago. The wrong address was copied to my clipboard and I accidentally made that fatal rookie mistake. At the time of the loss, they were valued at $6,400. However, since the recent hard dip of the crypto market, they are now currently valued at $1,200. No doubt they will go back up. Either way, I sure would still love to recover them. I have spent the last few weeks talking with friends, emailing the entities involved, and doing some deep thinking to try and figure out my next move in attempting to recover these Cummies. Trust Wallet support said that since the coin was already sent, that it is out of their hands. They did say that perhaps the Theta team could possibly assist in getting it back for us. They also provided me with a link that provides instructions on recovering coins sent to a wrong address. I feel like this recovery procedure is my best play, but it is a little over my head, and they require my password phrase, so I wanted advice before attempting this procedure. Response from Trust Wallet team: Please be careful when sending your tokens. Make sure that the receiving address is for the intended cryptocurrency. If you sent your funds to a wrong address, there is no way for us to assist. The owner of the receiving address is the only one that can send your funds back. If the receiving address is yours and you can get the Private Key, then the funds can still be accessed. Learn more: []( Response from Theta team: We have no control over Binance Smart Chain (BSC) so we can't simply reject or return that transfer. You could ask...
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