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I LOVE theta. But i do worry on it’s adaptability.

PLEASE critique this post. I’m just reading the mainnet 3.0 white paper and some concerns pop up “...requires an edge delivery network that needs to scale to tens and hundreds of thousands of nodes globally to deliver premium service levels...” (2) this of course makes sense with the model but could one argue that unless more big names adopt theta that it’s potential this won’t be the big name we all think? Again ... don’t get me wrong. I think the innovative solution here is fantastic... but it wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve seen creativity in this way pass us by. There are reasons why big names won’t take this is and they add up to them losing control. If they already have money then so it is. All i want is to see theta disrupt and show what it can do. And i am HODL until the end. These are just my questions
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